Check out what solar installers think of the Rafter Center-line Locator!

"The tool is great. Be kind to the roof and keep those holes accurate!"

-Grant Neely

Northwest Renewables

Spokane, WA

"I will share this with my students at the three campuses I teach and other contractors.  I've been using a bare copper wire before."

-Martin Herzfeld

Registered NABCEP CE Provider

Sacramento, CA

"Saves time, energy, and less damage to the roof! Tool works GREAT!!! Thanks much"

-Robbin Parrott

Grid Alternatives

Willits, CA

Nice job! Wasn’t sure at first how it will handle some of the forces needed to get it in the right spaces and squeezed into overflowing pockets but it’s been great. It even jumped ship a couple times and bounced on the client’s deck 20’ below and was ready to do it’s job over and over again. I’ll be buying more to have on hand and recommending to to those not already in the know! The perfect companion to my hammer!

-Nick Lucchese

Lucchese Solar

Nevada City, NV

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