The Plaster Wall Stud Finder Kit gives you everything necessary to actually find the center of a hidden wall stud in plaster walls.


Plaster walls are generally thicker than regular drywall, so normal magnets usually aren't strong enough to detect screws in the studs. Included in this kit is an 18 x 10 mm N50 Rare Earth Magnet which is strong enough to detect screws within plaster walls. Once you've found a couple screws to confirm it's a stud, poke a small hole in the wall and grab your center-line tool. This tool is actually designed to go through up to 1 1/2" of roofing material, so it will slide through your drywall with ease.


If you're one of those people that always ends up using a nail and a hammer to locate the stud, this is the kit for you.


Find the stud with the magnet, then find the center with the tool.

Plaster Wall Stud Finder Kit

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