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Make your next project easier with stud & rafter locating tools designed by professionals, that anyone can easily and successfully use.


Why Chiptoolz? See for Yourself.


Magnetic Stud Finder

  • Scanning Depth Up to 1" (Works Easily on Plaster Walls)

  • Three Simple Steps to Use

  • No Batteries

  • No False Positives

  • No Calibration

  • No Need to "Feel" the Magnetic Pull

  • Just Scan & Listen for the Snap!

Rafter Center-line Locator

  • Find the Exact Center of the Rafter Every Time

  • 3/4" Radius Key Head Always Puts You in the Center

  • Can Reach Rafters up to 3" Away

  • Will Work on Plywood over Skip Sheathing & on Vaulted Ceilings with Insulation

  • Included Alignment Pin Ensures Accuracy

Magnetic Stud Finder Kit

  • Magnets Find the Stud, Tool Finds the Center

  • Rare Earth Magnets Allow You to Mark Screws in the Stud

  • 3/4" Radius Key Head Always Puts You in the Center

  • Only One 3/32" Hole in the Wall Needed


rafter finder Spokane WA (1).jpg

Grant Neeley, Northwest Renewables

The tool is great. Be kind to the roof and keep those holes accurate!

Rafter Center-line Locator


R. Gregson

Just what I have been looking for. Very easy to use and accurately.


Robbin Parrott, Grid Alternatives

Saves time, energy, and less damage to the roof! Tool works GREAT!!! Thanks much

Rafter Center-line Locator

DOT Magnetic Stud Finder

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DOT Magnetic Stud Finder shown above